Credit Rebuild / Repair Loan - Offer

How it works

This credit rebuild loan is designed to help our clients establish or re-establish their credit.

This offer is for a total loan amount $2300, the funds will be issued to you in the form of GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate Savings Account) registered and held either TD, BMO or Sunlife. Your repayment term is a maximum of 36 months. Payments are small and affordable. Getting a credit repair loan is alot cheaper than getting a secured credit card because there is no security deposit required plus the interest rate offered is alot lower than a typical secured credit card. Need Help or Have Questions Call Us at 1-888-252-2097 Option 6.

Credit Rebuild Option 2 Includes The Following:

  • 2 Fresh New Tradelines On Your Credit Report
  • Guaranteed Credit Card After 6 Months or $500 Cashback
  • A GIC Savings Account (Guaranteed Investment Certificate Savings Account)
  • $2000 Cashback Upon Program Completion
  • Low Affordable Payment- $203/mth the 1st 7 months then only $78/mth thereafter
  • Accelerated Guaranteed Credit Improvement
Loan Amount
Interest Rate
36 Months
$203 / Month

Optional Loan Protection Plan: $15.80 per Month ($17.06 in Manitoba and Ontario)

To start rebuilding your credit today complete the application/sign up form below, most loans are processed and funded in just 1 business day.

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PLEASE BE ADVISED: This is NOT a personal loan, you will not be getting the funds upfront, the funds will be held in a GIC savings account until the loan is repaid. The purpose of the loan is only to help you rebuild your credit this is not extra cash that you can spend.